Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 08, 2012

THE *cardboard* Iron Man Arm

 YUP you read it right, this, my fellow human being, is an iron man arm, made entirely out of CARDBOARD.

Before I go any further, allow me to make a few shout out
*clears throat*
 I would like to thank my friends, who laughed saying it was ridiculous that I was gonna make something like this.
Thank you for sharing a good laugh, and if it wasn't you people, I would not have done it ! hahah 

Seriously though, I'm being serious
 no sarcasm, i really wanna thank my friends because if it wasn't for them, I would have rotted at home doing nothing but going on twitter and Facebook everyday, or maybe cycled and skateboarded so much I would have been Jersey Shore tan XD

Ok first off, I did say cardboard didn't I ?
Ok lets continue off from there.

Well you see, cardboard is relatively easy to bend, plus, it's no hassle to cut into tiny pieces, so once u get the hang of it, just grab a penknife and cut away ! Got the inspiration by Anthony Le btw. 
Don't know bout him ? 
YOUTUBE him and be amazed ;]

I WAS supposed to make the entire iron man armor, but then I thought, Mehhh... I've put in enough for this. Holidays ain't long enough and I got waaaaaay to lazy haha.

It IS childish, I hate to admit THAT, but cmon people,
Why hesitate to grow up ?  
I would rather spend NOW doing all the stupid things I wanted to.

I say, IF you have idea, make it happen !
Ridiculous as it may seem when
 I told my friends I'm gonna make this,
it does not sound so stupid now that I've made one haha.

Well, achievement unlocked for me,
I'm no design student,
but I still think it's not that bad an iron man arm 
made by a guy who got too damn bored.

Till next time, cya ! 
Do leave any comments or suggestions to make the arm better at the comments section. I'll be sure to reply ASAP. bye !

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