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Reasons WHY Campus has no McDonald's ...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Youth Jam 2012 Selangor/KL Zone Youth Leaders Recruitment

Qualifications to enter :
1. You MUST be able to speak out in a crowd
2. You MUST be at least 13 years old and above
3. Possesses Leadership Skills
 4. You MUST be influential to your friends

What will you be doing?:
1. You will be part of the Organizing Committee of Youth Jam 2012 KL Zone.
 2.You will be influencing your friends to attend events (Entrepreneurship Programs, organizing programs, development programs) - Your success rate depends on your presentation skills.
3.Support your Ambassador in your school / college / university.

 What will you get in return? :
1. Recommendation letter from the Government Agencies and Penang Youth
2. National Certificate
3. First Hand Priority with Entrepreneurs and World Leaders
4. Training Programs and Soft Skills Programs
5. All food and expenses covered
6. Free Leadership Workshops
 7. Your Voices WILL be heard and action shall be taken

Then what you waiting for ?!
Dont hessitate to join because THIS MIGHT BE the 
BIGGEST and AWESOMEST Youth Jam Project yet !
Log on here : HERE to sign up for it.
Or simply visit  to find out more !
(yes i know it says PENANG but their expanding to the KL Zone ;]

To those eligible to join will be notified some waaaay i think.
So do sign up for it because WE NEED TALENT !
Apart from all that, you'll be working on ur social skills and event managment skills while you're at it.

Thats all for now! Do check in back for more info !
Sources say that recruitment for Youth Leaders will be done in Taylor's Lakeside Campus sooon 
so do come back soon for extra info !

Friday, February 17, 2012

Freshman's Guide To Restaurants @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus --The V Cafe

Freshman's Guide To Everything 
You Need To know about Where To Eat Chapter 1 :D

IF you're ever looking for something to eat,
and you're bored of the food court... why not add a buck more
to your budget and eat here ?
 ( IF and only IF you have a budget of course )

The V Cafe
 ( yes i'm doing free adertisement again =-=)
Located at LG1 of the SYOPZ commercial block at 
Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

( yes i find text charges A PAIN IN THE A**)
great ambiance, awesome place to chill,
so whats NOT to like ?


Set meals at RM9.90 
So to sum it up it's 
Meal + Drink + Dessert (super mini sized ice cream)

Come here on Fridays and you'll get a special treat !
Just noticed this place existed thanks to a friend,
so I tried it out today. VICTORY to me because I had their
free dessert :p 
(feeling awesome... let me have my moment haha)

And IF you're not ordering the sets,
you could always order any meal and top up ONE buck
for a drink. The drink choices coming with the top up are limited, so i guess you'll have to make do with what you have haha.
Oh and just between you and me,
 Try not to order the house brewed coffee cold, order it HOT, the cold one just taste extremely bland, and I drank it anyway.

Great ambiance, cooling, and quite comfy for a meet-up.

I recommend the has great price, great taste.
This here is the cheeseburger :D

The most interesting part of the entire restaurant is
when you see a lil ice cream stand right next to the kitchen.
The Pink Polka Ice Cream Shop is merged with The V Cafe.
And when you walk over to it and you see their toppings,
I bet you'll get mind blown :p
Check these out :

WHO does that seriously ?!
GENIUS I say... geniussss.
 Each Scoop costs around 7-8 bucks,
depending on whether the ice cream is premium flavored or not.
Want it on a cone ? ADD RM0.50
Well just to let you in on a lil info again, 
Nutella and Teh Tarik Ice cream ARE premium flavors.
Want it to cost less ? Keep track on their flavor of the day,
flavor of the day differs from day to day,
(today's flavor is Green tea btw)
so keep an eye out for your favorite icecream flavor, because
its only RM4.80 if you want one ;] 

Thats all folks.
Check back in when I have more news, follow my Facebook Page by pressing on the picture at the side bar of this blog, you wouldn't miss the picture, trust me.

Till next time!
Ciao ya'll.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Meme of Taylor's Lakeside Campus' Frozen Cloud Store

Since rageguys and memes are awesome, why not apply it to your college life too ?

Happy Valentines Day !

Valentines day isn't lame Valentines day ain't just another day,
its a day where you spread love!
Some people may say : meh... just another Tuesday. But hey. C'mon, don't be a Valentines day humbug,embrace the day with love and joy ! Don't hate it, don't wish it never exists:

If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or even if you're married, by all means mate, make this day special and more interesting with ur partner!

And to the single guys, girls, self-dubbed forever alone-ers, self-dubbed temporarily alone-ers, cheer up if you're sad, kudos to you if you're single and feeling awesome !

Valentines day ain't just for couples, REMEMBER THAT !

Guys can spend a day together at the bar, meet new people.
(this is where the word BROMANCE comes in haha)

And girls ? Why not have some time off with your girlfriends have an awesome spa day ? Chill ? Hang out by the pool ?

So guess I'll stop here. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FOLKS !

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Annonymous Meme Poster Strikes Again @ Taylor's LakesideCampus!!

After the janitor took down the meme Poster last time , the one with the caption
Frozen Cloud Y U NO Open ,
 ( not sure of what I just said ? check my previous blog entry)
The Annonymous Meme Poster STRIKES AGAIN TODAY !
Now he/she went though all the hassle to print this out yet again !
This time, he has put up a meme featuring a futura character and now captions :
" Not sure if frozen clouds is open, or got robbed "

Seriously ?!
I wanna know who this guy is . ooor girl is, because I wanna give him a medal for pointlessness
and awesome humor XD

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taylor's Short Film Contest Coming Soon!

Taylor's University is gonna host a 
Short Film Contest for its students ?!
haha sweeeeet !
Info will be out @ 10p.m tomorrow 
so stay logged on if you want the news !

oor you could always 'LIKE
The Taylor's University Page and get news 
direct from the original source!

For TU FB Page Click here

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frozen Cloud @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Frozen Cloud sells Frozen Yogurt.
As to why this business doesn't operate anymore I have no idea!

You see, there was this annonymous person desperate for froyo who went through all The hassle to design a meme, print it out with full color, not to mention wasting money, then paste it on the side of a glass at frozen cloud !

Pathetically funny as it seems this guy or girl who posted this seriously has some frozen yogurt issues haha.

But in the end, I still can't help but to ask frozen cloud again,in a more meme-fied manner as to :


Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm BACK !!

After days months 10 months decades of no blogging
(and by decades I actually mean months) 
I've decided to make a come-back ! YAY !! 
Who the hell reads my blog anyway =-= 
ANYHOO... a comeback means 
more stuff, more blog posts, more wacked up videos,
you want it... YOU NAME IT. And I'll promise I'll make it happen!
Well to start things off, lemme introduce you to this guy :
no idea WHY he's my blog mascot right now...
and I dont know what happened to that toilet sign guy I used to 
place as mascot :
but HEY cmon.... 2012 brings new changes.

Not much to say in the first blog post of 2012, 
so do stay logged on for more updates on anything randomly awesome 
(or maybe click on the LIKE button for my
FB page if you're kind enough to ) 
only here @
seriously... who the hell reads my blog ?

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