Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Tongue Tied Novmeber

Coming in at 4th place at the SGGS Battle of the Bands

November consist of 4 members....
Hup Eu
Ian Lim
Kah Ho
and Shi Hao

oh and also kelefeh manager : THAM CHEE HO
AHAHA in ur face...

This is their tongue tied video edited by me ! enjoy !

Black Tie Republic

coming in at Third place in the SGGS Battle of the Bands is Black Tie Republic

The entire vid was too long soo heres just a minute
of them playing up on stage :

SGGS battle of The Bands and Dance Competition 2010

SGGS Battle of the bands & dance competition was a complete SUCCCESS
the dances...the bands and PTAT got everyone hyped
KUDOS to the girls for making it AWESOME~

My camera went outta BATT just right after the bands finished playing...
grrr, was pissed off....had to use my camera phone to video a few performances.

Results for the day : (for bands only)
2nd place : MYSTIQAL SOUL

4th Place : NOVEMBER

Empty hall at 4 thirty
At the LEFT side of the clock are all the bands that are competing,
those at the RIGHT side of the clock are the crews that are competing in the dance competition

still empty hall at 5 plus...
oh btw I was backstage ....

ALVIN !! hmm looks lonely....dude came alone ?

SGGS Girls

The alomost full hall at around 6...

blurry picture of Justin, Zarris and Marcus
sorry, blurry picture..... this was half the crowd that turned up that day =]

Sound check before MYSTIQAL SOUL started


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The YE Annual Achievers Showcase 2010

The Annual Achievers Showcase...
Boring ? kinda...

Did I get walk around talking to other people ? nope...
because i was sitting at the backity back ==

sad....they refrained me from walking away from the auditorium...
anyway... I troubled myself taking all these pics for you peeps who werent there.

I kinda got scolded and stuff like that for taking pics but hey at least iv got just a few pictures!
check this out :

two page picture in the booklet

I see myself !!
the one standing right next to Kyle (the blad guy)

In the bus... on the way to Agilent Technologies Factory


OH !
YE Achievers Showcase highlight time !!
*drumroll starts*

YE Challenge Trophy for Best Managed YE Company

Winner = Convent Green Lane !!
KUDOS to CGL, credits to the CGL MD for the picture !
Thanks Winnie !

1st runnerup :
2nd runner-up :
Union high School
3rd runner-up :
SMJK Heng Ee

Best Annual Report Achievement Award

Winner :
1st runner-up :
SMK Kampung Kastam
2nd runner-up:
3rd runner-up:
Sacred Heart

Best Product Achievement Award

Winner :
1st runner-up :
2nd runner-up:
SMK Dato Onn
3rd runner-up:


Best Overall stall : SMJK Heng Ee
Best Customer Service : SMK Dato Onn
Best Teamwork : CPT
Best in Promotions : Union High School
Best Decorated Stall : PCGHS
Most Profitable Stall : CGL

Kudos to all the winners !!

moving on to the event itself now =]

hmm Tasha's Phone...
random picture haha

welcoming the VIP's

This is MGS with their choral speaking presentation

This is PCGHS with their presentation,

Thats all the pics i have, may get pics from other people some other time but for now,
thats all i guess haha, stay tuned for more pics !
ciao for now ya'll !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its A Month ? Its Coming ? ITS A BAND ?!

( The following blog entry was made because it was stated in my contract with AARON LIE )

From songs with September

to girls May, April, June..

Now comes NOVEMBER


An amateur band who appeared out of well...


November is a 4 man band from CLHS,
founded just 2 months ago.
They made stunning progress
in just a matter of weeks,
coming up with the name (they HAD no name at first),

coming up with rehearsals,
coming up with a fan base
and coming up with the courage
to perform.

November consists of :

Hup Eu - Vocal/Guitar
Kah Ho - Lead Guitar

Ian Lim - Bass

Shi Hao - Drums

These 4 guys still have a lot to improve on,
but for an amature band.... (I STRESS AMATEUR)
they are getting very very good as we speak...

Click on this to like their FAN PAGE =
November's gonna compete at the SGGS Battle of The Bands so



oh also go like my blog page if you can

till next time ! byee !!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Collection of Random Pictures From A CLHS Dinner

Chung Ling High School
Going BRIGHT in the night for the
(this will be in malay, Im not sure what this dinner is called in English)

Majlis Jamuan Kecemerlangan Pencapaian Akademik dan Kokurikulum

was there early.... ugh lifeless me~

The food was pre-cooked ?!
I didnt know that before I got there !

Thx for posing haha

The two MC's for the day
they spoke in chinese FYI

Singing the School Anthem

Ok this is a group picture....
notice that guy putting his hands up in the air ?
yea that guy's Joshua

There goes Joshua striking a pose again.... ==

The Sarsi was waaaaay too sweet.... , one sip of that and i was ughhhh

Ho Shu Wei, Photography Club President and Photographer for this event
saw him walking here and there the entire event
poor guy, wonder if he had time to eat =[

My table !
Thank you to Yeong You Loong for being absent
I enjoyed having ur seat =] haha

Mr Tyler (Hao Hak)....whats with the face

One of the performances

oh i meant chicken HEAD
finished the entire thing except for um... well....this :

Denzel !! Awesome Pianist !

Fish (obviously)

THE V.I.P Table

Lucky Draw Winners

Our Headmaster Singing up on stage !!
woots ! haha

Bluuuur pic time, meet Sam...
lol whats with the face Sam?
oh um this is ....
hmm its a mix some leftovers,
I bring you

Fish, Chicken and Prawn Head Surprise with some Veggies !

This is really really really WRONG
well that all !
Stay tuned for more things
than this
I had nothing else to post about soo I'll go with this post for the time being,
Will go to the SGGS Battle of The Bands and I guarantee you an
AWESOME post for that very event,
well till next time ! BYeee !=]

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