Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Most Awesome Sorbet I've Seen And Tasted

This may seem and look like an ordinary sour lemon to you but think again !
Check this out :

Introducing the Island Way Lemon Sorbet by Pacific West
this here sorbet, was imported from South Africa...
well at least thats what it says at the back of the wrapper =]
hehe and its 95% fat free ! haha

Got this here Sorbet in youth park this morning
Pacific West was having an anniversary of some sort
and they were giving away free sorbet !

Well this is sure something you dont see everyday !
a sorbet with a
as its cup/holder/whatever you want to call that thing
that holds ice creamit tastes SUPERB !
creamy, tingey with a little soury lemony taste with every mouth-full !!

this is whats left after you finish the entire thing
whats left is the lemon skin !
I really wonder how do make these....

stay tuned for everything random at !
ciao !

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