Thursday, October 28, 2010

The YE Annual Achievers Showcase 2010

The Annual Achievers Showcase...
Boring ? kinda...

Did I get walk around talking to other people ? nope...
because i was sitting at the backity back ==

sad....they refrained me from walking away from the auditorium...
anyway... I troubled myself taking all these pics for you peeps who werent there.

I kinda got scolded and stuff like that for taking pics but hey at least iv got just a few pictures!
check this out :

two page picture in the booklet

I see myself !!
the one standing right next to Kyle (the blad guy)

In the bus... on the way to Agilent Technologies Factory


OH !
YE Achievers Showcase highlight time !!
*drumroll starts*

YE Challenge Trophy for Best Managed YE Company

Winner = Convent Green Lane !!
KUDOS to CGL, credits to the CGL MD for the picture !
Thanks Winnie !

1st runnerup :
2nd runner-up :
Union high School
3rd runner-up :
SMJK Heng Ee

Best Annual Report Achievement Award

Winner :
1st runner-up :
SMK Kampung Kastam
2nd runner-up:
3rd runner-up:
Sacred Heart

Best Product Achievement Award

Winner :
1st runner-up :
2nd runner-up:
SMK Dato Onn
3rd runner-up:


Best Overall stall : SMJK Heng Ee
Best Customer Service : SMK Dato Onn
Best Teamwork : CPT
Best in Promotions : Union High School
Best Decorated Stall : PCGHS
Most Profitable Stall : CGL

Kudos to all the winners !!

moving on to the event itself now =]

hmm Tasha's Phone...
random picture haha

welcoming the VIP's

This is MGS with their choral speaking presentation

This is PCGHS with their presentation,

Thats all the pics i have, may get pics from other people some other time but for now,
thats all i guess haha, stay tuned for more pics !
ciao for now ya'll !

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