Friday, March 30, 2012

I don't always park at Taylor's... but when I do... RM162 ... (b*tch please) ... MOTHER OF PARKING FEES

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taylor's Lake Jump

So this guy from law school  decided to accept a dare on his birthday and jump into the lake.
Meh... no biggy....
Just a guy jumping into a lake... its not like YOU CAN SEE THAT EVERYDAY HAHA.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Achievement Unlocked ... wait... what ?!

Harvard Referencing... done to acknowledge an author...proves that you don't do plagiarism... freshmans worse nightmare (for me at least..cause i still dont get it :S)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Economics For Lazy People

The following info may be wrong. Refer at own risk.
-what is to be produced (refer pg 71 of text book for explanation)
-how is it produced (refer to pg71 also)
-for whom is it produced (pg 72 of text book)
Part B
Click here for Link to Wiki about Price Mechanism you lazy a**

-Refer Lecture 4.
-the more availiability of substitutes, the more elastic and vice versa
-complements?? IM STUCK
Part B
What I found :
As a whole, the mobile phone market is pretty elastic - it's not a necessity and there are already a lot of phones out there, so if prices were to go up fewer people would buy new phones and fewer people would upgrade their existing phones (the very definition of elastic).

On the other hand, for certain professions mobile phones are very necessary. On-call doctors, many upper-level businesspeople, anybody who *must* be reachable as a part of their work, they all will exhibit inelastic buying behavior. Whether the phone cost $100 or $1000, if they have to have it to do their job, they'll spend the money so they can continue to work.

in progress.... loading

It's quite easy.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Plagiarism Level : ASIAN

picture not clear enough ? CLICK ON IT THEN! PROBLEM ?

Freshman + Student Council = ??

Can a freshman run to be in the student council ? 
YEEEA I know some people may take it as a joke, BUT you gotta admit it IS kinda
weird that you're running for a position when you barely know the University much.
Been here for almost 2 months tops...

Oh well, will see how things go. This thing may not be even open to freshies anyway.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TBF MicrosoftPowerPoint Guideline

do not fire upon me with curses if you do not understand or notice any mistakes. Thanks.

Animations in Power Points
 Insert animated images
  • Insert normal background and animated background
  • Slide Design Themes
  • About Slide Master
  • Slide Transitions
  • Custom Animation
  • Animation Preview
  • Slide Show Options
Working with Multimedia and the Internet

• Graphic
- Adding a Photo Album

• Internet
- Hyperlink






Insert animated images
-copy paste any animation (i think)

-F5 = display slide show from beginning of first slide

-Shift + F5 = display from current selected slide

Insert normal background and animated background

- design > background styles > format background > pic or text fill> file (search for jpeg)

Slide Design Themes

- design > themes

About Slide Master

- allow to change font color and style for every slide (extra info)

- add a clipart r picture to every slide(extra info)

- add footer or date to every slide(extra info)

- view tab > slide master

- INSERT slide master view – insert anything – close stuff

- INSERT Header footer when having master view


Slide Transitions

- Transition > choose effect

- Next slide = arrow right or down (extra info)

- Previous slide left arrow or up (extra info)

Custom Animation

- Animation> add animation …choose one

- Animation pane to view sequence

Animation Preview (done above)

Slide Show Options(done above)

• Graphic- Adding a Photo Album

=>insert> photo album > insert pic from (any pic) >change sequence move up/down > rotate picture button pres rotate pic button > contrast ? >light > to remove pic just click remove > picture options changes for black and white picture > if wanna add new text box, press new text box > change picture layout @ picture layout > change frame shape > if wanna select theme, select browse > create once everything is done.

• Internet- Hyperlink (works on pictures too)

=>link to web page , to open a file , link to a slide

OPEN A LINK = >> Highlight word > right click > select hyperlink > window will open > existing file or webpage > key in website address > OK > link will be underlined

OPEN A FILE =>> same till existing file > choose file

LINK TO SLIDE =>> same till window will open > choose place in the document

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Prom ?

Ok so yea, no big deal, first Business School Prom was introduced.
Costs RM130. No biggy.

But thennnn came this on the student portal:

What it is exactly I have NO idea. Some say its another prom.
But this time opened to everyone? Just Maybe ?

All I know so far is that it is being organised by the
Taylor's Student Council, and if I may say, I might save up for THIS one instead of the other one if I'm prioritising fun, grand-ness of the event and by the looks of the poster, it impresses me !!
*me gusta*

So IF you're going for the business school prom, think twice before signing up ? Who knows, this event might be waaay awesomer than what we have now.

( and no I'm not saying that the Business School Prom Dinner Thingy isn't awesome,I'm just saying that maybe, just maybe we can wait a lil longer till news comes out, THEN we go make our decision)

Oh and by the way, just to remind ya'll, the Business School Prom seats are limited, only 500 peeps are gonna be allowed in, so do make a wise choice because if you're gonna grab a seat or two, you might wanna do it FAST cos I heard people are reserving seats already!

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