Thursday, March 01, 2012

Prom ?

Ok so yea, no big deal, first Business School Prom was introduced.
Costs RM130. No biggy.

But thennnn came this on the student portal:

What it is exactly I have NO idea. Some say its another prom.
But this time opened to everyone? Just Maybe ?

All I know so far is that it is being organised by the
Taylor's Student Council, and if I may say, I might save up for THIS one instead of the other one if I'm prioritising fun, grand-ness of the event and by the looks of the poster, it impresses me !!
*me gusta*

So IF you're going for the business school prom, think twice before signing up ? Who knows, this event might be waaay awesomer than what we have now.

( and no I'm not saying that the Business School Prom Dinner Thingy isn't awesome,I'm just saying that maybe, just maybe we can wait a lil longer till news comes out, THEN we go make our decision)

Oh and by the way, just to remind ya'll, the Business School Prom seats are limited, only 500 peeps are gonna be allowed in, so do make a wise choice because if you're gonna grab a seat or two, you might wanna do it FAST cos I heard people are reserving seats already!

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