Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drawing Addict - Ng C.Wei

Ng C. Wei,17, from CLHS Penang
I finally made a blog entry about you !

These are some of many drawings done by my friend Ng C.Wei.
These drawings are truly remarkable.... who knew this kinda drawings could
come from a mere 17 year-old (almost 17 year old to be exact haha) !

He's currently working on a Joker themed drawing for the St Johns of CLHS
for their 64th anniversary celebration and is also workin on a t-shirt design
for them too.
So lets just wait and see what he is capable of coming up with
this time for the St John's 64th Anniversary celebration.

These are some of many artworks he has made so far :
(he has a simple way of naming his artworks, so let him be haha)

The Apple Girl :

The Girl With The Blue Hair :

Sketch of Katy Perry :

Pint Sized Naruto:

no name :

to be continued ...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CLHS School Graduation Magazine ? To go GREEN or not to go GREEN... that is the QUESTION

Some of you may have heard bout the
rumors circulating the schools or even
among your little friend-to-friend conversations saying that the
Chung Ling Graduation Magazine may not even
turn out as a MAGAZINE anymore ...

Well let me ease up on the situation a little here.
bit by bit....
so if ur the lazy kind
ok here goes :

Well the committee members of the
70th Graduation Magazine Committee have been deliberating
for quite some time already
we have yet to come up with the decision whether
to OR not to turn the 70th CLHS School Graduation Magazine

The big, heavy, uneco-friendly graduation magazine
that has been quite a ...
ummm whats that word....
(ok lets stick with this word : tradition )
in CLHS and also other schools.
BIG ol graduation magazines even date back to even when my DAD or MOM
or even ur DADs and MOMs
were in school so do we really wanna break this TRADITION
of ours that has been like that for DECADES ??

I know I know, its time for a change,and the book is VERY VERY
uneco-friendly as it uses up A HELL LOT OF PAPER
but Im still not willing to change the concept on how
WE form 5-ers are gonna make the Graduation Magazine this year.

so in conclusion the magazine MAY, I STRESS MAY !
turn from this :

to this :
(ur everyday friendly compact disc =] )
well.... we form 5-ers really want our Graduation Magazine to be in the book form.
So letsee how things work out later next week and I'll let you peeps in
on the details.

Pros and Cons for the Graduation E-Book

Pros :
  • It is a lot more ECO-FRIENDLY compared to the BIG Graduation Magazine we have right now haha
  • easy to CARRY AROUND
  • Has amazingly LIGHT WEIGHT
  • No more fuss on where to put the thing, cos you can just throw/place it anywhere so in short it SAVES A LOTTA SPACE
  • GOIN HIGH TECH ! oooo~ aaaaah~
  • FIRST EVER HIGH SCHOOL to make a graduation E-BOOK
Cons :
  • SNAPS EASILY ... youll break it if you place it in ur back pack or if you sat on it. =]
  • RUINS THE TRADITION of making BIG HEAVY Graduation Magazines
  • WHY in the world would i save it in a disc when I could put everything on the web and just ask people to read it from that very website!
  • NOT EVERYONE has a computer ya know...
  • WHAT the hell am i suppose to tell others when i exchange graduation magazines? They'll be giving me a book while I just give them a single CD ?!
well thats just my opinion,
dont go blabbing in school saying
my name and saying that I go against the idea of E-Booking.
The E-Book idea seems pretty great if you look at it from a save-the-environment perspective,
but for me, as much as I wanna do my part in GOING GREEN,
I still think that the Graduation Magazine should be a book and not a CD.


do stay logged on for more updates every week or even
more updates on the CLHS Graduation Magazine,
only right here on justplain-darren.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The CLHS Co-Curriculum Exhibition Day 2011

Once again,
CLHS holds yet another Co-Curriculum Exhibition Day !
A day where CLHS guys flaunt their talent, skills and stuff
in front of *drumroll please!*
GUYS....JUST GUYS (sad .... ==) and also other parents haha.

Well then the day didnt go THAT bad, it wasnt AWESOME either.
This year, our Form 1's started off with only 396 students , if i remembered correctly...
and the exhibition day held this year...
wasnt as awesome as I expected compared to the ones Ive been to
in the previous 4 years Ive been here.
But look at it this way, CLHS is (i think again )
the only school having this kinda special event
for those form ones soo i guess we form 5-ers pulled it off pretty well =]

I got that at 8.30 ... yea EIGHT THIRTY A.M
and lets see how my day went...

i saw parked in a corner... ahah shiny~

Jin Xian you ruined the entire picture T.T
whats with the peace sign
hahaha....joking mann just joking

Shi Hao playing the drums
while showing off his skills

SHI HAO here again teachin somebody to play the drums...
sweeet ~

Drama guys
(no offence guys, you wasted 6 minutes of my life cos i stood there watching you ppl):

Winnie !
ur lookin at this picture,
and if
im not mistaken
you were the girl in red at the bottom left corner of this picture:

The Scouts Room

Chinese Orchestra Dudes Struting their drummin skills~

Karate guys showing off :
Boys Brigade !
they had all kinda games there...
for for the form ones, not for me anymore =[

That looks kinda wrong
Samm ....

A Scout preparing to cook

sry, blur picture
Hiya Bear ~

Lol falling Khai Lun

Makeshift Catapult !
It really works too !

Scouts Archery Game

ooooh just PUTT IT ALREADY !

Primitive Golf anyone ?

A Scout Bamboo Monkey Bar

dont look at me and pose for the camera .... COOK already ! Im starving~

yea yea flaunt
ur badges LEOS haha ==

I was on the roof when I took this picture =]

CLHS Observatory....
they had a big shiny telescope !

as you can see here ,
Zhao Yao
is playing with
ball =]

KRS guy cooking stuff

eat the chicken ! EAT IT !

KRS friends ~


ROOOOOOOAR as the LEOS of CLHS march behind

Scouts teeny fire show ~

I tried some of the scouts backwoods cooking...
their cooking
arent half bad....
they had '
kaya' waffles,
smoked bananas,
chicken and prawns!
the prawns were too salty though...
but I still gave them a thumbs up for the food
cos they were all lip-smacking delicious !

Fake accident sketch...
The St Johns sure got the crowd gathered there~

pooor guy,
why is everyone just standing around?!
HE NEEDS CPR or something .....
(he has extremely fake wounds

This is what i call

CHEE HO and his flaring nostrils pose :
cheese !

ummmm what ??
A boat paddle.... and a guitar ??
I dont get the picture one bit LOL

oh now theres two ppl...

Inside the school co-op room,
did you know that they were selling ice-cream outside ?
too bad i ran outta cash...
no ice-cream for me =[

Bear and Kah Lok ( guy in purple Tee )
Kah Lok here is the Chairman of the School Co-op Group =]

Chinese Language Society showing off their calligraphy skills :

Brick Smashing Karate people :

Fencing peeps...

Harmonica Players from the Harmonica Society:
President of the Harmonica Club ?
The guy on the far right of the picture, Guang Ian is his name.

St Johns packing up after a looong morning ~

Inseide le Ambulance ~

Thats all the pics I Have !!
Soo I guess this is once again
GOODBYE for nooow !

do feel free to visit every Weekend cos its
only updated every weekend haha~

ciao !

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