Sunday, January 02, 2011

First Ever New Year Countdown At Straits Quay (Part 1)

HELLOO everybody !
Its now another new start to yet another awesome year and decade!
( so that means Chinese New Year is also around the corner hehe)

On the New Years Eve of 2011, yours truly =] haha
was ushering in the big TWENTY ONE ONE (2011) at Straits Quay,
the second newest mall here in the Penang State.

I was there since 6... (ugh. == early huh ? )
just to avoid the traffic...

A LOTTA people were all gathered outside the mall entrance before I even got there,
all of em were woo-ing and ah-ing as some fire dancers were

take a look at this :

My blurry combo of pictures :

Cool eh ?
haha, oh and later then, along came a few clowns and
a few casts of a random sketch
just to cheer up the crowd and make balloon scultures
for the all the people gathered there

Say cheese peeps !

If I could remember right,
this guy here was shouting
when he was posed like this :

Fire Dancer calls out a random girl
to be his assistant

Smile for me clown on stilts !

Kids Attacking the poor defenseless clown with
DEADLY Balloon Swords XD

Mime Guy "singing" to a song

The Crowd there at around 7 pm...

You Should Have seen the crowd at Straits Quay

Stay tuned for part TWO
and see what i saw on my awesome New Years Eve...

In the mean time, why dont you just scroll down to the previous blog entry
and watch the Fireworks video I uploaded ...

Well, I better go work on my next blog entry soo
stay tuned ! Cya !

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