Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drawing Addict - Ng C.Wei

Ng C. Wei,17, from CLHS Penang
I finally made a blog entry about you !

These are some of many drawings done by my friend Ng C.Wei.
These drawings are truly remarkable.... who knew this kinda drawings could
come from a mere 17 year-old (almost 17 year old to be exact haha) !

He's currently working on a Joker themed drawing for the St Johns of CLHS
for their 64th anniversary celebration and is also workin on a t-shirt design
for them too.
So lets just wait and see what he is capable of coming up with
this time for the St John's 64th Anniversary celebration.

These are some of many artworks he has made so far :
(he has a simple way of naming his artworks, so let him be haha)

The Apple Girl :

The Girl With The Blue Hair :

Sketch of Katy Perry :

Pint Sized Naruto:

no name :

to be continued ...

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