Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Wreck My R/C Boat

You've alll seen me wreck my R/C Plane once (long time ago )haha
NOW see me wreck my R/C boat this time !
For your viewing pleasure, heres me dismantling my R/C boat bit by bit =D

Ohoh and if you ever wanted to know what stuff are actually inside a R/C boat
or what actually moves the thing...this is your lucky day =D

What you see here is ur average R/C boat.
In just a matter of minutes, this boat will turn from boat to SCRAP ...
enjoy ....

Ooo gears and a circuit board ==

parts I've savaged from the entire boat~

Some switches~

wahts left of the boat after all the wire cutting and dismantling

now for the remote control !
Remote control~ meet my good friend the electric screw driver =]
*bzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrr* *unscrews remote control screws*

oh yay another circuit board =="

What controls the R/C boat is actually just this lil thing rite here haha

Whats left of the R/C boat and the Remote control...
oh well ...
*tosses them into the rubbish bin*

well there goes yet another random blog entry by urs truly
seriously...i have to do SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING
this blog entry i just did here was PURE LIFELESS...
lifeless mee =[ sigh...
oh well till next time peeps~ cya ~


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