Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kek Lok Si 2010 ( daytime )

Many have flocked to Kek Lok Si
on a Friday~ just the day right after 'bai ti gong'
despite the slight drizzle.

The day was fairly gloomy, but that didnt stop me from taking pictures !
This is just the " daytime Kek Lok Si post ", I saved the Night time one for last cos its awesome-er!
Soooo this blog entry is to those who didnt have the chance to visit Kek Lok Si this year =]

sooo this is the day time view of the Chinese lanterns they have there ...

and this is the lighted up ones at night ... just a lil teaser for you guys
bout my next Night Time Kek Lok Si post... so stay logged on !
next post coming up real soon !

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