Saturday, February 05, 2011

Haha, What part of JUST PLAIN did you not get ?

Friend asks :
HEY hey Darren, why are ALL your blog headers soo umm PLAIN ??
Me :
*gives him the "what part of PLAIN do you not understand" look*

Yes yes my blog headers are all PLAIN
but what part of JUST PLAIN did you not get when you first came to my blog slash web here ?
and yea they are kinda plain also because i used PAINT to draw all these headers.
Yup, the blog Logo (up there) and the blog headers were all drawn by hand using paint... plain and lame old PAINT.

Haha anyways, well heres a collection of past blog headers I had
(BTW, just a lil fact, I tend to change my headers to match the festive seasons =] ):

I started with the classic plain-est of the plain-est blog header :

Then came Christmas soo i guess a plain Christmas header would'nt hurt =]

Oh and then came 2011 !
So that calls for a 2011 NEW YEAR HEADER !

and then school reopened after a 7 week long school holiday
heres a Chalkboard Back 2 School Header :

and lastly came CHINESE NEW YEAR !!
well this one isnt ALL BLACK AND WHITE but hey its RED AND WHITE
so its still Just a Plain Blog Header =D
We all know, Valentines day & April Fools are coming,
so stay logged on to see what kinda blog header I'll have up.
Bye for now !

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