Saturday, February 26, 2011

CLHS 2011 5SB3 > Guys > Shades > *facepalm*

My 2011 CLHS 5SB3.
What can i say bout 5SB3 ?
Well for starters my class is whacked up and crazy.
My class :
>Loves eating in class, especially when it comes to
Mcdonalds and Nasi Lemak.
>Loves dressing up as weirdos.
>Loves showing PEACE hand signs whenever we take pictures.
>Loves impersonating DC
and most of all,
>We love SHADES/SUNGLASSES (whatever you wanna call those things)

I brought two shades to school, so hey why not take turns
wearing them taking pictures?
Heres a collection of pictures I took during a
not-so-average Friday school day.
Enjoy ~

5SB3 ... Awesome
SHhhhhhhhhh says DC
and so we did the same =]

Everyone at their places, how unusual haha

Me !
Monkey Chen Yik

I-think-im-awesome Chong Yee

Sunglassed Bike Riding Cowboy Class Monitor , Kok Meng

Bernard, the Weird Smile-er
Coconut Lovers, Samm and Khai Lun

Nasi Lemak and Mcdonalds Coupon Lover Yih Herng

Professional David Impersonator Wei Jian

Donald The Nerd and Kok Meng the Gangsta.

Almost Bald Cowboy , Khai Lun

Thug Kian Beng

Cowboy Kian Beng
Blank Looking Yu Heng

Class Treasurer, Joshua
Gay Hating Chucken

Gaga Fan , Felix Lim

Male Bikini Model , Donald Saik

Middle Finger Lover , Jenson Chee

Muscle man , Fu Sin

Nasi Lemak Gang, Yong Wei and Huei Hong

Epic Failed Secret Agents, Zhi Sin and Chong Yee

Hand Breaker Breaker, Wae Samm

Action Group's Treasurer, Kai Shyan

ALIEN , Oon Chun Jie
Im-not-nerdy , Jeremy Loh

The Awesome artist, Cha Wei

Board of Monitors Chairman , Tan Ying Sheng

Yong Wei

Sleeper , Zhi Sin
Wide awake noow

Huei Hong
CLHS Leo's President , Lester

Jia Qing

Sup Prefect, Wei Jie

~ END ~

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