Saturday, October 22, 2011

PCGHS releases new Graduation single : 《青春·逗》

PCGHS has released a new Graduation single titled : 《青春·逗》
The title ? GENIUS.
The Song ? Fantastic!
Music Video? CLICK HERE

啓程之旅 離別在即
不捨之情 已浮現心底
明天的你 日後的她
哦將來的我 期待再相遇
回憶過去 你我相聚的曾經
不要忘記 我們共同的回憶
就這樣去飛吧 通往著夢想
就這樣離開吧 不要再牽挂
你微笑 轉身卻淚流
這不是結局 我們會相聚的
哦 朋友

青春旋律 撥動思緒
逗弄記憶 淚滴已被喚醒
這些年裏 謝謝一路有著你
你的Everything I'll be keeping
就這樣去飛吧 通往著夢想
就這樣離開吧 不要再牽挂
你微笑 轉身卻淚流
這不是結局 我們會相聚的
哦 朋友…

2011 CLHS Graduation Magazine. Its OFFICIAL.

The CLHS 2011 Graduation Magazine.
Yes, some of you might've heard its release date is in December.
Some say its out before by Graduation Day.
Well, I'M here to answer your question.
The CLHS Grad Mag will be released and handed out on the 8th of December 2011.
IT IS LATE but think on the bright side,
we save the best stuff for last.

As we distribute our book, CLHS guys will also be recieving complimentary Tshirts,
a gift from us 2011 graduation magazine committee and also as a token of apology for having the book released so late.

For more pictures and a sneak preview of our 2011 CLHS Grad Mag cover,
log on to .
Once ur in, you'll see an awesome web border, and guess what, THATS out cover, so hope you guys like it. Feel free to ask me anything thats on your mind, anything that has
to do with the Grad Mag of course.

So do try to be patient? I'm not getting it any earlier
than you peeps are, so right now, all we can do is wait :D
Do stay logged on for more info,bye for now !

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