Sunday, February 13, 2011

庙会 2011 in Penang ! I was there for NINE whole hours (part one) !

Trust me I had a blast at the 'miao hui' this year.
I was there from saaay 4p.m to 12.30 a.m so i guess thats a whole 9 nine hours,
give or take a few half an hours or soo haha.

Met up with loads of friends, and really has an awesome time there.
I was suppose to walk alone but my friend Winnie called me up so
we decided to roam the place together with her friends Yu Tatt, Zhen Jing and Ian.
(you'll see them inside one of the pic later... trust me, you wouldnt miss their picture)

anyway .... as i was saying..
It was again an awesome experience for many being
able to walk freely without the obstruction of cars among the old heritage buildings in Penang. This site clearly lives up to its standards as a heritage site in Penang.
so again... i guess theres only one word to describe the entire experience :


Group Picture of the day !

The main gate where a huge arc was situated, mmm pretty ~

Food stalls were all along the streets ~


Bunny petting zoo

God of prosperity and his buddy

Dancers !
Credit goes to Winnie for asking them to pose for the people =]

Performers gettin ready for the Opening Ceremony

The main stage

MJ Wannabe (nice job with the pose though) :

Camera shy Tasha ~

Me and Tasha (met her there randomly =] )

Note : this picture epic failed =[

Mr Lim Guan Eng giving out a speech

pose for the camera !

Zhen Jing and Ian showing off their so call awesome hair-do

Lion Dance performance !

Another old temple fpr the heritage site ~

The crowd at the 庙会 , mann was it PACKED!

Limbo contest !
This man and woman won the competition!
grats to them ^^

Cheater at the limbo game, who JUMPS AT A LIMBO ?!

Samm needs a hug ? anyone ? hello ?

Hugger Kok Meng hard at work haha

Daniel and Jia Wei ! say cheese ya'll !

Samm shows Shi Hao when a big hug, really means A BIG HUG

Me, Zhen Jing and Guang Ian in combat mode !

THIS is how we pose for pictures! Deal with it yo ! haha~

Guang Ian with his harmonica

PCGHS girls doing their best up on the stage ~

Zhen Jing and Guang Ian struting their stuff up on stage ~
Fireworks display was on at 12.15 a.m !

Thats the end to yet another awesome blog entry !
soo stay tuned again for everything awesome and random,
only right here at !

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