Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Collection of Random Pictures From A CLHS Dinner

Chung Ling High School
Going BRIGHT in the night for the
(this will be in malay, Im not sure what this dinner is called in English)

Majlis Jamuan Kecemerlangan Pencapaian Akademik dan Kokurikulum

was there early.... ugh lifeless me~

The food was pre-cooked ?!
I didnt know that before I got there !

Thx for posing haha

The two MC's for the day
they spoke in chinese FYI

Singing the School Anthem

Ok this is a group picture....
notice that guy putting his hands up in the air ?
yea that guy's Joshua

There goes Joshua striking a pose again.... ==

The Sarsi was waaaaay too sweet.... , one sip of that and i was ughhhh

Ho Shu Wei, Photography Club President and Photographer for this event
saw him walking here and there the entire event
poor guy, wonder if he had time to eat =[

My table !
Thank you to Yeong You Loong for being absent
I enjoyed having ur seat =] haha

Mr Tyler (Hao Hak)....whats with the face

One of the performances

oh i meant chicken HEAD
finished the entire thing except for um... well....this :

Denzel !! Awesome Pianist !

Fish (obviously)

THE V.I.P Table

Lucky Draw Winners

Our Headmaster Singing up on stage !!
woots ! haha

Bluuuur pic time, meet Sam...
lol whats with the face Sam?
oh um this is ....
hmm its a mix some leftovers,
I bring you

Fish, Chicken and Prawn Head Surprise with some Veggies !

This is really really really WRONG
well that all !
Stay tuned for more things
than this
I had nothing else to post about soo I'll go with this post for the time being,
Will go to the SGGS Battle of The Bands and I guarantee you an
AWESOME post for that very event,
well till next time ! BYeee !=]

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