Saturday, October 02, 2010

Eagles ! 3 of them !!

2 eagles made a nest in a nearby tree a few months ago,
now, 3 eagles: 2 adults and 1 baby eagle are often seen
flying around every 5.30p.m in front of my condo =D
not something you see everyday,
seeing a eagles nest in front of ur house....
good thing i caught some vids
and a few pics of them !
Eagles from far, perching in fronta their nest

Zooming in !

Zooming again,
this is the furthest I can Zoom,
hey at least its clear ! enough ...
aww, soo cute.... haha
Waiting eagerly to capture a better vid of them soaring above the seas,
hope its soon before all of them fly away....
till next time ! be sure to be back next time !

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