Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day !

Valentines day isn't lame Valentines day ain't just another day,
its a day where you spread love!
Some people may say : meh... just another Tuesday. But hey. C'mon, don't be a Valentines day humbug,embrace the day with love and joy ! Don't hate it, don't wish it never exists:

If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or even if you're married, by all means mate, make this day special and more interesting with ur partner!

And to the single guys, girls, self-dubbed forever alone-ers, self-dubbed temporarily alone-ers, cheer up if you're sad, kudos to you if you're single and feeling awesome !

Valentines day ain't just for couples, REMEMBER THAT !

Guys can spend a day together at the bar, meet new people.
(this is where the word BROMANCE comes in haha)

And girls ? Why not have some time off with your girlfriends have an awesome spa day ? Chill ? Hang out by the pool ?

So guess I'll stop here. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FOLKS !


  1. LOL. Children days 8 months after V day! HAHA

  2. LOLL! funny post especially the last photo! Happy Valentine's day to u too!


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