Sunday, February 19, 2012

Youth Jam 2012 Selangor/KL Zone Youth Leaders Recruitment

Qualifications to enter :
1. You MUST be able to speak out in a crowd
2. You MUST be at least 13 years old and above
3. Possesses Leadership Skills
 4. You MUST be influential to your friends

What will you be doing?:
1. You will be part of the Organizing Committee of Youth Jam 2012 KL Zone.
 2.You will be influencing your friends to attend events (Entrepreneurship Programs, organizing programs, development programs) - Your success rate depends on your presentation skills.
3.Support your Ambassador in your school / college / university.

 What will you get in return? :
1. Recommendation letter from the Government Agencies and Penang Youth
2. National Certificate
3. First Hand Priority with Entrepreneurs and World Leaders
4. Training Programs and Soft Skills Programs
5. All food and expenses covered
6. Free Leadership Workshops
 7. Your Voices WILL be heard and action shall be taken

Then what you waiting for ?!
Dont hessitate to join because THIS MIGHT BE the 
BIGGEST and AWESOMEST Youth Jam Project yet !
Log on here : HERE to sign up for it.
Or simply visit  to find out more !
(yes i know it says PENANG but their expanding to the KL Zone ;]

To those eligible to join will be notified some waaaay i think.
So do sign up for it because WE NEED TALENT !
Apart from all that, you'll be working on ur social skills and event managment skills while you're at it.

Thats all for now! Do check in back for more info !
Sources say that recruitment for Youth Leaders will be done in Taylor's Lakeside Campus sooon 
so do come back soon for extra info !

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