Friday, February 17, 2012

Freshman's Guide To Restaurants @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus --The V Cafe

Freshman's Guide To Everything 
You Need To know about Where To Eat Chapter 1 :D

IF you're ever looking for something to eat,
and you're bored of the food court... why not add a buck more
to your budget and eat here ?
 ( IF and only IF you have a budget of course )

The V Cafe
 ( yes i'm doing free adertisement again =-=)
Located at LG1 of the SYOPZ commercial block at 
Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

( yes i find text charges A PAIN IN THE A**)
great ambiance, awesome place to chill,
so whats NOT to like ?


Set meals at RM9.90 
So to sum it up it's 
Meal + Drink + Dessert (super mini sized ice cream)

Come here on Fridays and you'll get a special treat !
Just noticed this place existed thanks to a friend,
so I tried it out today. VICTORY to me because I had their
free dessert :p 
(feeling awesome... let me have my moment haha)

And IF you're not ordering the sets,
you could always order any meal and top up ONE buck
for a drink. The drink choices coming with the top up are limited, so i guess you'll have to make do with what you have haha.
Oh and just between you and me,
 Try not to order the house brewed coffee cold, order it HOT, the cold one just taste extremely bland, and I drank it anyway.

Great ambiance, cooling, and quite comfy for a meet-up.

I recommend the has great price, great taste.
This here is the cheeseburger :D

The most interesting part of the entire restaurant is
when you see a lil ice cream stand right next to the kitchen.
The Pink Polka Ice Cream Shop is merged with The V Cafe.
And when you walk over to it and you see their toppings,
I bet you'll get mind blown :p
Check these out :

WHO does that seriously ?!
GENIUS I say... geniussss.
 Each Scoop costs around 7-8 bucks,
depending on whether the ice cream is premium flavored or not.
Want it on a cone ? ADD RM0.50
Well just to let you in on a lil info again, 
Nutella and Teh Tarik Ice cream ARE premium flavors.
Want it to cost less ? Keep track on their flavor of the day,
flavor of the day differs from day to day,
(today's flavor is Green tea btw)
so keep an eye out for your favorite icecream flavor, because
its only RM4.80 if you want one ;] 

Thats all folks.
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Till next time!
Ciao ya'll.

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