Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Designing For Taylor's Library

Things have been going great !
First an emcee job ... now this ! 
Never ever knew that I would be creating something useful for Taylor's itself.
Being hired by the Taylor's Library out of the blue... and yes I'm still trying to find out who
introduced me to the library, but anyway...
Taylor's Library would be coming up with a campaign soon, theme?
Say NO to food and noise in the library.
Not only would the campaign be held in Taylor's Uni, the campaign would also be held in Taylor's Subang and Sri Hartamas too.
I know what you might think, things are boring in the library, rules, regulations and all,
lets make things a little more fun, starting with the posters and banners hhahaha.
Don't think of it as Taylor's Library enforcing a new rule on innocent students like us,
think of it as a rule that has been there since long long ago, a rule that we just didnt bother enough to follow ;]

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  1. I like! All libraries should take down that boring signs and use these!


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