Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Random Thoughts On Celebrities

1. Super junior has really bad pronunciation for saying "Shu - per girl" instead of "SSS-uper girl.

2. 4 minute girls slammed for being an Hot Issue for only 4 MINUTES ??

3. 4 minute slammed for spelling MUZIK wrong ??

4. Girls generation ever get caught for having too much plastic surgery ??

5. Mariah Carey should get slammed for not acting her age ??

6. Usher mad a bad choice for signing a record label with Justin Bieber ??

7. is Justin Bieber even 16 ??

8. My class would be empty if SNSD ( girls generation ) came to penang with a one day only morning concert tour ??

9. Katy Perry's eyes are really starting to scare me

10. Chris brown turning into a Lil Wayne Look-a-like ?

11. Is Timbaland good at only synthesizing his voice ??

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