Sunday, March 14, 2010


The moment you walk into PCGHS for a fundraiser thingy or whatever it is called.... you'll be expecting lotsa ppl, lotsa girls and lotsa random stuff..... and ur rite bout all that stuff, Predictable ?? ....yea.....

This is a pic of the freakin lotsa ppl that were there :

And this is the line to the haunted house thingy, or more like haunted room.... :

hey its been an hour an its not moving !

My day started when i reached pcghs.
Met up with random ppl.
met Harry.
lined up for haunted room for an hour.
Gini Came
gave up.
bought sarsi float.
Met Jay.
Walked in group.
bought ice cream.
bought chicken thingy.
walked with friends.
kept walkin.
still walkin.
bought juice.
walked on.
JAY got freaked out bout somone stalking him.
carried on.
got hungry.
went to korean reataurant.
Jay left.
Gini kept on eating.
got back.
meet up with friends.
went back to get popsicles.
stayed there and ate in front of 7-11.
Gini went back.
I stayed there.
Met Eng Keat.
Called Harry.
Waved at Harry.
Went Back.

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