Friday, May 07, 2010

JAITC workshop -- Junior Achievers International Trade Challenge Workshop

So, here we are, at AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES
im not really sure what in the world they do in this building
but im sure it must be techy stuff.
stuff, yea stuff is good.
amyway, here we are, went by bus.
shared the bus with union and MGS ppl.
reached at 8 i think and we were led to an auditorium as soon
as we reached.

Smile !

the auditorium is awesomely humongous !
compared to my schools auditorium,
its like 10 time bigger.

breakfast time !


Oh yea !!! Buffet line styled LUCNH !!

CLHS -YE- Group lunch picture !! : ]

OMG !! They have a CAFE in the factory/laboratory/"dunno what the place
is called" place we are at right now.

After lunch, we had this little competition between 15 groups.
It was a competition on who was able to make a product
(outta straws and paperclips)
then present ur teams very own marketing startegy.
And we came up with this thing right here :
As you can see, this is our so call ALOHA product.
oh yea before i forget, We named our product ALOHA
so it goes with our Hawaii Enterprise theme we have : ]
this ALOHA actually means :

A - mazing
L - aptop
O - f
H - olographic
A- wesomeness

isnt that awesome ?! Oh yea amd after that me and my team mate Kyle went out for
our presentation and WE BAGGED FIRST PLACE !
and got chocolate bars as a reward XD

Awesome.....embrace the awesomeness of the chocolatey goodness...

Group Pictures ! this is my team ! Team number one !
Team number one = winning presenting team for ALOHA

well, logging off for now,
till my next blog post...
see ya !

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