Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coffee bean KO's studying in a blink of an eye ! COFFEE OVERDOSE !

Yay, im at coffee bean right now !
Yea!! beats studying at home doing nothing...
sipping em mocha,eating em chocolate cake and muffin, looking at the sad construction view...
what could be more relaxing ? XD

Been studying add math and physics for the past few days,
man its a pain.
All the formula....
oh yea and HEY !
did you know that theres no such word as formulas?
the plural for formula is actually formulae ! XD
( that was random.... LOL)
and wait.....did i get the plural non plural thing correct?
Naaah who cares...IM AT COFFEE BEAN ! ahaha

by the time i hv my physics exam on Tuesday and add math on Wednesday....
I'll be regretting and asking myself this question...
"why didnt i study again....."
and ill monologue replying
OH YEA.....i was at coffee bean ! AHAHAHA

Till my next blog post !
Cya !! : ]

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