Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hey Im In KL !

Awesome, IM in KL !!!
Does anyone miss me in Penang ? XP
Well then, I'll be working on an 'awesome' project.
well this is how it goes....
you send me ur picture then ill post it here so its like picture then caption
: the awesome singer/actor/actress etc. or something like that?
watcha think huh huh? If ur reading this then I'll need 20 ppl to start with
so, if ur interested go comment on my profile and ill get back to ya !

Anyway....I'm in KL ppl.....goin travellin some place else and now
lets just say im at Times Square's Starbucks ; ]
Times squares not bad but its kinda overcrowded and stuff XD

I decided and go to Ikano Power Centre tomorrow....
mmmm the Ikea Ice-cream the Ikea hot
they're not half bad....then I'll move on to Bubbagump
whats bubbagump?
This is Bubbagump :
its a place where shrimp and all things shrimp are served....
it has a cute concept and I would recommend the chowder (lol)
well that was what my friend Gini said, Im not 100% sure myself till i try it myself tomorrow !
Yay !

Well then
i wont sleep this early, coffee overdose again.
feel free to chat me up ! gonna go work on random stuff again,
also gonna post a few weird things i saw in Kl,

BTW, short EARLY birthday shout out,
Happy Birthday LARA !! an early wish from me to you ! Happy 15th Birthday !
blog post stops here, thx for reading...bye !

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