Monday, June 07, 2010

Im Off To Ikano Power Centre and Ikea and The Curve - KL

Whats up readers....(if there are any)
(it'll sure be weird if i were talking to myself)
anyway, whats up ppl
this is Darren reporting live from KL !
Well then, Iv been to ( insert places from title ) - too lazy to type XP

And looky here, Iv been trying to find a place to eat lunch yesterday at( insert places from title here )and There were sooo sooo sooo many places to eat XP
mmmm mmmm mmm mmm mmm all the food food glorious food !
Thats why i love KL though not more than Singapore but still.Love Kl with the weird food concepts, I've took a few AWESOME concepts these restaurants have,
everythings on the left so hv fun checkin them out ! : ]

On the left : Bubbagump Shrimp Co.
Selling shrimps and all things shrimp plus a little sea food in a very cute concept. Having great features and an awesome design at every corner.

And Now this is THE GARDEN ( pics below ). Well by the name i bet you
already know where you're gonna eat. Its restaurant is located way back
of the mall. With its open air seats and indoor garden theme,
Its a must-try for nature lovers.
Serving Asian styled food ( ithink hehe ) with a little sprinkle
of Asian touch, i see that they attracted many tourist ^.^

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