Sunday, June 13, 2010

What ??! *in shock* You dont do refills ??

Picture this,
you eating salty yummy crunchy delicious smell-good amazing tasting
chicken or maybe pizza......
you eating your heart out,
bite by bite followed by a sip of coke ....
mmmm the tasty food......
and then,at your very last bite.....
you reach for the thirst quenching coke and pepsi....
your glass is empty !! : [
*sad face*
You ask the kind sir or madam waiter or waitress :
ermm, do you do refills ??
And they'll reply you with a smile :
Sorry sir, we dont have refills....
* you are now in shock , drammatic music plays*
I sure hate it when they do that....

Now my point is, what kinda of fast food chain does not serve refills.
I know Mcdonalds does, and so does some buffets and restaurants,
have you noticed any fast food stalls who DOESNT serve refills ??
well iI know 2, (so far) namely PIZZA HUT and KFC.
I dont know bout the other fast food chains out of Malaysia or other KFC or PIZZA HUT outlets out there.....
I just know that The Pizza Hut outlets and KFC outlets I have been to so far,
does not, DOES NOT serve refills .....
arghhhhh, why not serve refills ??? cmon, your feeding us junk,
you should feel guilty enough already,
but noooooo, you don't serve refills.... >.<

Imagine yourself again,
plummeting towards a desert wasteland from above,in a matter of minutes you hit the ground with a huge thump and slam.
In desperate need to find a way outta this wasteland,
you struggle to get up and then try to find a way out....
you walk and walk for ages, but you still dont find a way leading to civilisation...
and just your 'luck' your canister runs outta water..
oh wait....then a rain starts to POUR!!
OH THANK GODS you thought,
you open your mouth and held your canister out....
as soon as you had enough, you decided you were still thirsty,
you check your canister and it wasnt even filled with even 50 millilitres of water yet....
you reached you canister out, trying to get your canister filled,
and oh great, the rain stops, and now you are left to die with
no water, no way out of the desert and no help
( ummm i dont think this story is getting anywhere.....I should stop)

how many of you have been through what i have been through ....
shouldnt this be an important uprising issue?
Well i think it should be !! IT SHOULD !!!
Im creating awareness here so dont get me wrong from any evil point of view : ] ....
Im not 100% sure of the not serving refills part in PIZZA HUT in Malaysia, just ...
lets say 89% : ]
But I am 100% sure they dont in KFC !

Well then now that i have said what i had to say,
once again,
this is Darren signing off ANGRILY this time

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  1. They won't do refills. They're trying to earn too much. How much could you expect from a lame ol' fast food chain?


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