Saturday, June 26, 2010

People see dead people everywherebut I see the Girls Generation everywhere...

What is with people nowadays....
obssesing over THE Girls Generation. and by obssesing I mean totally freaking over it everytime they see their merchandise. The girls Generation/ SNSD has their faces, be it in anime, cartoon or the real person,on almost everything !! And again, by EVERYTHING i mean almost anything you can think of, including this : EXHIBIT A : SERIOUSLY ??!! SOCKS ??? WHO WANTS SNSD ON THEIR FEET ??! From SNSD posters, keychains, to collectible trading cards, (yes yes they DO have their own trading cards) TRADING CARDS OF THEIR LEGS..... =.=" I see SNSD EVRYWHERE just like how those insane ppl see dead ppl everwhere. I dont know bout you but, SNSD is like spreding faster than you spreading the INFLUENZA H1N1 ( did I spell that right ? ah nvm ) Oh yea, you have no idea what i just saw in the STAR newspaper today, oh i just made it obvious didnt I ? of course I saw SNSD again....If not why would I be talking bout all this... It was in the Metro section of the STAR, ppl wishing Seohyun Happy Birthday.. CMON ! some OBSSESED guy wishing Seohyun Happy Birthday on the newspapers


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