Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More Foodstuff !

Heya, so continuin my last post, comp went crazy so i had to start a new post
As I was saying, KL has these awesome restaurants they don't have in Penang.
Im here comparing vertything KL has and Penang doesnt,
don't get me wrong, I know there are still many great places
in Singapore, America, Australia, Japan, Taiwan etc etc
but lets just start small and compare what KL has that Penang doesnt : ]

So, you see that restaurant pic above ?
yea, its called the Chocolate lounge !
MMMM C-h-o-c-o
I love it !
Serving things that contain chocolate,
it has a variety of food ( chocolate ) to choose from !
Sweet tooths like me would never wanna misss out
a restaurant like this ! ; ]
And next we have
aha, th apartment.
Having an Ikea like interior design, its just like eatin out while nhaving the comfort
of your home : ]

Funiture ......

Intaliannies !
Servings all Italian Food !

And last but not least !

Its actually a bar
but with a name like that
I could not NOT take a picture of this

Well guess its the end, on my next post, I'll be showing you guys the 2 cutest
creatures I have seen during my holidays ! So stay tuned.....

wait wait wait just a sec, why stay tuned.....i dont really get the word,
is it used on TV's only ?
ummm, lets change it,maybe.....
ok i got it.....
Be sure to be back and check on my posts
right here on justplain-darren.blogspot.com !

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