Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Happens At Tuition Stays In Tuition ? HAH! not anymore....

What happens in tuition stays in tuition ?
HAH ! not anymore people !
Well, tuition may seeem
EXTREMELY boooooring sometimes so why not snap some pics ?
Well lets look at this pic below :
This is what happens when you talk to much,
your face gets drawn on the whiteboard ...
I PITY THE FOOL who gets his face drawn on the whiteboard cos
Lee Choo Hock's Drawing never seem to improve so
your pretty face may soon come out drawn like this guy over here :

I'll save the embarrassing part, not telling you who this guy is =D

My Fave part !!
Check this 2 guys from CLHS thumb wrestling in a weird way
during a short little breaktime we had....
Damn, who knew people resort to weird ways when they are bored,
be sure to check the vid out cos it is weirdly hilarious !
Till next time ! Byee !

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