Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

The Georgetown Amazing Race,
was held for the first time ever by the Youth Carnival Team this year.
And yours truly =]
was lucky enough to be a part of this very event and be the lab rat in testing this
NEW running slash puzzle solving slash tiring new competition they call
AND this !
Was MY Happiest and Craziest Experience with my friends

The crowd gathering for the Georgetown Amazing Race :
There were 29 teams in total, and our team, consisting of me,
Kok Meng the backpacker :
and Jason Lee,
(the guy who injured his leg but managed to finished the race anyway)
( KUDOS to you for completing the race ! ) :

came in 19th place out of the 29 teams that were there.
Well, its now THAT BAD, you don't expect a 17 year-old to win a race do you ? haha

The CLHS teams that took part in the race :

Shi Hao, Chee Ho and Zhao Yao registering for the competition at a booth :

Girl in the red cap giving away free drink coupons :
( btw, what in the world is Max looking at ? )

Team briefing time :

The race was completely EXHAUSTING and CRAZY !
Try carrying around HOTLINK BAGS,
Georgetown City like a crazy person.... now THATS something you don't see or do everyday. We were helping Hotlink and Firefly with their advertising along the way in our race too ! Whats up with THAT ?! haha
Enough chit chat, now lets see what me and my friends have been doing in the race :

We Started off with a clue saying :
"Go to the park which most reminds us of the most famous stadium in England."
So the answer's WEMBLEY STADIUM.
The clue did say that the place is in fact A PARK
so we ignored WEMBLEY STADIUM and made a wrong turn ending
up @ new world PARK instead
(cos they said PARK and it was the nearest PARK we knew T,T ).
In the end we had to take a penalty and who knew that we were directed to a
carPARK @ a WEMBLEY karaoke lounge which has already closed down to get our next clue.

Anyway~ moving on ~
We Sold a RM 6 Hotlink Tickets at Prangin Mall,
We sat on inflated balloons to POP them,

We got to find stuff at Edelweiss Cafe,whch had tons of valuable antiques in it,its really neat place to visit if you have the time.
( managed to take a picture of a CLHS team when i was there )

Learned how to make beds @ Sunway Hotel using a top secret hotel bed making technique called

Oh ! Here comes the best, most unforgettable and most grossed out part of this entire race.Guess what ! We got to make terrible egg sushi @ ATI College !
Check this out !
See me eating REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD sushi =p
(click Youtube video below )

After this competition, I shall never eat what Kok Meng cooks or makes,
because the sushi he made was terrible,
not just because he made it with no gloves on,
his sushi crumbled and I had to eat his so call "sushi"
( which was now not a sushi but a plate of rice with cucumber,egg and WASABI )

In the kitchen~ Amateur Chefs @ work haha :

Kok Meng did well with the cucumber slicing,
but boy was he terrible at sushi making.

Jason hard at work with his fried egg.

The ATI College Kitchen :
and besides ALL that I've just said, we had to solve numerous mind boggling puzzles and tasks too.

Ok yea well this Amazing Race should be only opened to 18 year olds and above,
but they let us in the race so should'nt the race be kinda tweaked a lil
to be more 17 year-old friendly ? hahaha.
( Hope I didnt offend anyone out there, Im just giving my points of view here. )
Cos you know what? my friends and I wasted RM50 on taxi fares haha

Oh well, my team mates and I did have a great time enjoying the journey across, through, around and about Georgetown City despite being extremely exhausted after being in the race that lasted five hours or more.
( it was from 11 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon if I remembered correctly )
We had our legs all crammed up that day, and
I doubt any one of us could even walk properly that night, and boy was I tired,
so i guess I'll stop the blogging here.
Till next time ! Cya !

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