Thursday, April 28, 2011

WWWOW Awards by Digi ! I Need Everyones Help With The Voting!

OK PEOPLE ! Nows the time where i need YOUR HELP !

Im participating in The WWWOW Awards and I need YOUR HELP in voting !

All you have to do in order to vote is to follow these 6 simple steps :

Step ONE :
Log on to
( click on link )

Step TWO :
Click on "Catagories Tab" on the side bar.

Step THREE :
Click on "Blogger of the year" picture.

Step FOUR :
There will be a search bar there so once you're in the blogger of the year page,
Put the TYPE as :
and the "submitted by" part as :
Darren Ooi

Step FIVE :
Click on the picture of my blog with the HIGHEST ranking!

Step SIX :
You'll need to connect your FB account in order to vote so
sorry for the trouble...
Once you've connected your FB account ,
type the two words they'll be forcing you to type and click the TICK button to vote!

Once you're done !
After That ! Viola ! You have voted! Simple as that !

So People ! Im counting on you for that award ! haha...
No harm trying right ? haha
If you've already voted, THANKS YOU LOTS!
for those who ARE going to vote, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
and to those who didnt even care to help me out, THANKS for viewing this blog entry anyway haha.
Till next time ! Bye !

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