Sunday, May 01, 2011

CLHS Concert 2011

Its my last year in CLHS, so why not live my High School life to the MAX ?
This time, I went to the CLHS Concert.
Who knew that there would be such a BIG turn-out ?
Hey talk bout full house!
They say that 1000 people showed up, im not actually sure bout that
but hey lets not pop their bubble on that.haha.

The CLHS Concert this year organized by the CLHS
Chinses Orchestra
Drama Club
Harmonica Club
2 of our very own form 5 live bands
was simply superb.
Who knew that even they could awesomely pull off such a show
even if this event was being held in the school hall!
( last years concert was in Dewan Sri Pinang, I didnt attend the concert last year
so I couldnt actually compare the concerts to see which one was better =p )

Some parts of the concert were extremely boring while some other parts
totally... um whats the word .... AWESOME.
Overall they did a very good job, making it an awesome night to remember for everyone
including the Form 5's.

just so you know... me and my friends wanted to get good pictures,so we headed front
waaaaaaaaaaaaay front.But I'll get to that later on. =p

Full house ! Just as I told you!

The Awesome People ~

Wei Khong, Kok Meng and Bear.

Lester and Kai Pin

Two harmonica dudes and a Chinese Orchetra guy
( yes i know their names... I just chose not to type them out )

Well Shen and Chee Ho

Harrison with his Peace and Sticks

Smile !

waaaaiit ... who's this ... OHOH haha Missyanda!
She didnt want me to take a picture of her

Ivan ~

Hall with lights off~Xiang Shen by two awesome people,
Chun Lin and Yuan Jun

The president of the CLHS Choir, Yung Ern
struting his stuff on the keyboard while the choir group sings ~

The Choir Group
the largest perfromance group that night

Yong Hang blowing the ...( insert musical instrument here )
what that thing called again ?

The Harmonica Dudes
spot Johann!

4 random guys from the CLHS Band

Drama CLub on stage !
telling us a story on how a principal of CLHS got assasinated during
the Japanese Invasion.

Yuan Jun playing the CLHS Anthem

Multi Talented Yung Ern with his guitar.
( plays the drums, guitar, piano etc etc )

Johann emerging from the backof the crowd with a short harmonica solo

Oh remember where i told you bout going waaaaaay front for pictures ?
yeea about that ! WE SAT ON VIP SEAT !!
The principal was right beside us yet he didnt even bother to shoo us away haha

Aaron singing! I have a video of him singing ! Just you wait !

Shi Hao and his drums ~

Sorry for the crappy photo Kah Ho

Well Shen and Kah Ho plays the guitar
while Rapper Yang Shuh and an awesome high pitch singer Kean Hin
sings on stage.

oh and this is Well Shen :
After all THIS
my camera went outta batt ==
BUT i still have videos ! haha.
Went back at 12 plus that night cos i had to tag along with Shi Hao back home.
Had supper @ 1 plus too haha craaaaaazy me.
But hey it was still a vert very great night. KUDOS to everyone who performed !!


I do have a lotta videos coming up soon !
Will be blogging on Teachers Day and My CLHS Sports Day too soo do stay logged on!

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