Saturday, May 28, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Penang's Straits Quay

The Charlie Brown Cafe
A newly open restaurant at Straits Quay and the first one to be open in Penang.
Ive tried it before back when I was still in Singapore,
but I could hardly remember a thing no matter how hard I tried !
and yes i missed out a rather small detail,
I was 4 when I last tried it haha.
So hey, why not go try it again to see if my 4 year old memories might come flowing back into my head =D

This was what it looked like on the outside, and at the back of the restaurant you could see all of the snoopy comic characters line up too, but I'll show it to you later~

Giant CHARLIE !!
Giant SNOOPY !!
Lol, woodstock in a cage~ cute~

Great place for a meet-up or a hang out
but it isnt THAT awesome of a place to have dinner or lunch cos
there isnt a wide variety of food for you to choose from.

Everything in there is Charlie Browned or Snoopy-fied.
No matter where you walk or which angle you look from,
you'll still see one of the Snoopy characters.
Charlie Brown Cafe is a really really good place for avid picture takers
because its the only place in Penang with a cartoon themed restaurant.

Besides that, the ambience you hear is awesomely weird although the songs keep looping over and over again cos i think the playlist has only four songs.
There are songs on gaint pizza, bananas and a few other weird song,
do listen closely when you go in haha.

Ah yes even the drinks are snoopy-fied haha
( stupid blogger rotated my food pictures and no matter how I rotate it back, its still published like this)

Smiley Woodstock on coffee!
Capsicum and chicken Pizza was what I ordered~
the pizza was goin to be superb, IF they didnt put too much capsicums in there haha.
Cute eh ? Theres Charlie Brown and Woodstock on my Hot Cocoas !

oh and they have a cute place where they sell souvenirs too~wooo Snoopy collection sold at RM5 plus per figurine

Charlie and Snoopy says bye sooo
Byeeeee for now~ will be back next week!

Oh and do take a look at all the Snoopy Comic Characters
before you close the window ~
these pics were taken at back of the restaurant

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