Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When I want CRAB ... I WANT IT BIIIIIG !

To all the readers, you mightve noticed me not updating this ol' blog.
sorry bout that, after the exams ive went straight to partying and having a nice vacation =D
went stopping all across Malaysia and beside Malaysia too haha

Oh the first stop for my vacation was in KL.
What DO you do in KL except shop ?
well I SAY EAT !!
My Uncle took me to this great restaurant in Klang who serves steamboat

The crabs were freakishly HUGE i tell ya !
This restaurant aint just famous for its steamboat, its also famous for its
gigantic sized crabs ! Just to let you ppl in on a lil info,
these crabs arent those fancy types
you see in restaurants, like those alaskan crabs or flower crabs,
the crabs they serve are just NORMAL CRABS, its just that they're twice or maybe trice the size of ur average crab =D

Steamboat yo !

Lol, meet my aunt....
Told you these crabs were BIG

My uncle ordered 8 crabs in total *facepalm*
and each person has to eat at least half a crab ==
You have no ideeeeeea how full we were haha

Ah yes, now meet my brother, Dylan =]
and heres my cousin haha. He <3 crabs ... A LOT
look at the size of THAT thing, itll snap ur fingers off in an instance
if it was still alive

The crabs shells were HARD, extremely hard,
it taakes about 20 hits just to break the hard shell !

See how thick it is ?

I bring you the shells of *counting* 3 crabs in total =]
gross ? yeeeea kinda.

buh bye
Oh AND BTW, IF you would like to try these crabs,
do leave a comment here or by the chat box...
I'll be happy enough to give you the GPS coordinates
if you ever go to KL =]

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