Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dont Hate "Friday" ... LOVE IT

Don't Hate Friday ooor even Rebecca Black
The starter of the Friday Song, has inspired many to so call "cover"
her song in different, epic and awesome ways.
Here are a few vids that I've googled and Youtubed up...
These covers are not only wicked awesome, THE people who MADE the covers
are even AWESOME-ER.
Now guys, girls , kids of all ages and even GLEE HAS FRIDAY IN THEIR HEADS !!
Salute to Rebecca Black for the Friday Phenomenon
Now I'm never taking Fridays for granted thanks to these Friday Covers.... EVER !

Its The Crash City Friday Cover

I think her name's Bri, her voice is extremely epicly sexy good
No wonder the title of the vid has sexy in it haha.

A dude with an Acapella Version of Friday ~

This ones from GLEEEEEEEEEE !!

Oh and last but not least heres a parody by the ONE and ONLY NIGA HIGA on Friday =]

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