Saturday, May 07, 2011

My 5th and Last CLHS Sports Day ... EVER

YAY ! the last sports day I'll ever have !
woot !
Well lets just skip the talking this time and lets see how my sports day went.

this photo was taken @ CLHS ....
was about 7 at that time.

Eng Keat and Yan Sheng

Prefects !

Justin and De Jack Sparring and posing at the same time for the cam.

Police Cadets ! These Robot-like humans bagged first place in marching !

St john

Fire Brigade

Shaun Goh !
Proud commander of the KRS

Random BB guy posing for the cam.

Daniel Goh as flag bearer for the Traffic Wardens

Shi Hao and Chee Ho from the CLHS Band

The Scouts ! They bagged second place in marching.

Kim Thye !
Leading the marching band for the sports day this year.

The CLHS Blue team and Yellow Team representatives

Red Team guys ~

Oh and this is Ivan. I dont get why he's holding up that LIKE but hey,
good pose haha

March of the Red Team.
In this picture are :
Jay Yeap, Oong Zheng, Jeremy Loh, Zi Han, Harrison Niap and many more

Chea Yee presenting some kinda oath

Cheeeese Gymnastic guys!

Tae Kwon Do Group of CLHS Performing

Ng Cha Wei, Red belt in WTF
Wae Samm, Eng Keat and Shi Hao doing practically nothing.

Joshua Lim and Jason Lim taking a break

Wae Samm recieving his best Athlete Trophy

Oh and before I end all THIS ! A Shout out for the winners !
Kudos to Wae Samm who recieved 3 gold medals in total that day,
and also bagging the BEST ATHLETE in CLHS in 2 different Categories!
Kudos to Shi Hao and Eng Keat for scoring
2 SILVER MEDALS for their first time ever in CLHS.
Well there goes my last ever High School sports day.
Nothing extreme or out of the ordinary happened, but at least we form 5-ers got to spend more
bro time with with other bors you dont get to see often haha.
Will be uploading many Tae Kwon Do videos soon so stay logged on to!

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