Thursday, April 22, 2010

Darren Debates ??

Oh yea i never knew how to debate or anything ...but hey it was a good experience : ]
It was really booring listening to the debators speaking....but still, i hv to put on a "I AM CONCENTRATING" face, and act professional.

Debate some how hurts the mind and soul..... By hurting the mind i mean hurting the mind when stressing yourself during debate, and by hurting the soul i mean getting hurt when getting insults and proven wrong by the opposing team : [

So this was how my day started :

Damn, it sure was boooring when i got to school.....
every single day, the turn out is this * points at picture above* whenever i get to my class in the morning.

The debate was last Tuesday, I got to school at say.....6-ish 7-ish, and left for St Xaviers at 7.30a.m from CLHS.

We were against Westlands for first preliminary round then Georgetown for 2nd preliminary round. They were quite tough, but still, we managed to claim our spot in the finals against MGS.

FYI ! We lost to MGS just this week, no thanks to Marina Tan and her team.
Hate to admit it but Marina is a very loets not say awesome, otherwise ill be giving her too much credit, lets just say shes a very GOOD speaker : ]

Well here are a few pics when we were at St Xaviers, Enjoy !

The CLS team !

The MGS team !
And here i am back at school at 2.00 p.m.
debating totally stressed my brain.
Ooo Ooo and i captured this nice pic after lunch !
and this pic of Chess Players and students lining up for MILO...
and this major chess competition in the hall...
An that was how my day ended....till my next blog post ! BYE for now !! : ]

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