Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Scrabble ?

HEH ! I didnt go to school today ! It felt awesome.....
I went to a Seberang Prai Library for a Scrabble Competition.
I wasnt that good at playing scrabble at first (form 3) but look who made it into the state finals and goin to KL
for a competition !! ME !
( and also i give credit to Alex Foong Chee Meng for dragging me in : ] )
( THX Alex ! )
I had curry chicken for lunch, I didnt like it.
I lost 5 outta 7 and proud of it !
BTW ! I am also proud to announce that Alex here lost a comp to a STANDARD 6 student
Anyway..... these are the pics I managed to snap while i was there, enjoy viewing !

On My Way ..... damn it sure is a very long way to that library.

At Scrabble Competition .....
see that guy, CLHS guy, freakin pro....

And this is Alex playing with some girl....whats her name? um...sry i forgot her name

The results after 7 hrs of playing from 8 am to 5.30pm XP
Guess thats all : ]
well bye for now !

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