Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE AVENGERS Are Coming ! See How MARVEL Hints Us About The AVENGERS Project Through Movies!

THE AVENGERS are coming next year !
and yes! Tony Stark as Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America
will be back in one whole movie !
As we all know, IF you have been paying attention to those Marvel movies
since way back when The Incredible Hulk Movie was premiering,
you might have noticed how the Marvel Movies
always show you those after credits mini movie scenes where it gives you hints about their next upcoming blockbuster movie.
Well, if you have not been paying much attention, Ive youtubed some stuff up,
including some after credit scenes, showing how Marvel hints you about their movies
and also hinting you about the AVENGERS PROJECT
OK, so the following movies goes in a sequence, starting from :

The Incredible Hulk > Iron Man 1 & 2> Thor > Captain America
( oh and if the some videos dont play here, click the link given by youtube because
some videos do not let you embed videos on ur website, so youll have to go to Youtube to watch
that perticular vid instead )

This scene shows Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk.
Hinting you that there WILL be a Iron Man movie.
And just after some time after this movie's premier, the Iron Man movie CAME OUT !

And here, the next 2 follwing videos show that Tony Stark is/was working
on a Captain America Shield. Or maybe he was just fixing it, because based on
the Marvel timeline,Captain America's shield was made by Tony Starks father
during World War 2. The Iron Man movie was made based on the present, so
I say Tony Stark WAS fixing Capt. Americas Shield !

Ah, here, once again, we see Marvel hinting us cluless people that there will
be a THOR movie because apparently, The S.H.I.E.L.D organisation seem to have found
Thor's Mjolnir (hammer) in a crater.

Ok now, this video shows the finding of a powerful ASGARDIAN artefact
in Thor's after credits scene.
Soo, if you have seen THE latest Captain America Movie, you should know that the Nazi's
with Red Skull in power, have found a way to harness the power of a powerful Asgardian artefact
called the TESSARACT.
And guess what, this particular video might be showing us that the S.H.I.E.L.D organisation
has found the Tessaract in the present day ! Giving us a little connection to the newest
Captain America Movie !

Ah and last but now least, this short video shows Captain America
being revived somehow, and walking on the streets of New York after
70 years, and after that, being recruited by Nick Fury, who has been
appearing over and over again in the Marvel Movies.
Oh and this video also show you a sneak preview of the Avengers movie so
do stay on till the end of the video.

I am soo looking forward to the Avengers movie releasing in 2012 !
Hope this blog entry does shed some light on those blanks in your head regarding
those Marvel movies!
( The info given in this particualar blog entry may not be 100% accurate,
so do please correct me if I have made any mistakes )
( all videos were taken from youtube, none of the videos were made by me)

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