Sunday, July 03, 2011

Introducing the next BIG THING, A CLHS YE PRODUCT !

After months of begging the CLHS YE Managing Director~
AHA! He finally lets me leak one of his products online !

step aside Domo-kun and angry birds.
CLHS YE brings you ....
*drumrole PLEASE*
The Never-Falls-Over-When-Tipped-Over-No-Legs-Or-Hands-With-Big-Mouth -Round-Shaped-Creatures !
ooooor simply


another genius product created
(or was it copied from the web haha, I have no idea)
by a CLHS YE Member.

These Creatures/Monster paper weights come in XXX designs in total.
(designs made unknown no thanks to the
Managing Directors terms and conditions )
There may be GOLDEN limited edition ones too so keep ur eyes peeled for them ~
I actually made these two monsters myself, so the real mosnters CLHS YE are making may vary from the ones that I've made.

Next Saturday and Sunday(16th and 17th of July), YE Societies from all over Penang
will gather at Queensbay Mall Penang for their annual sales off !
Sales starts at 10 am on both weekends and I'll be there snapping up pics
too ! So see you there !
CLHS will be selling loads of other products
so you'll just have to be there to see what they have in sale for all of you!

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2011 Penang Bon Odori

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