Sunday, July 10, 2011

I have a Google+ Account !

GOOGLE+ is finally here!
The only way to obtain a Google plus account, is by invite only.
So what you can do now is to search for a friend who has a Google+ account,
give him/her ur email address,
and he/she'll invite you in ! easy as that.

Google Plus does share a few similarities with Facebook.
You can like statuses, which works as"plus one"/"+1" in Google plus.
meaning :
+1 on Google+ = LIKE on FB
share videos and also share pictures too

The usual HOME, PROFILE and FRIENDS pages are all still there.
The Google Company is still working on some kinks and ways to improve
the website, so lets give them a lil time for improvement.
From what I've heard, you'll be able to share music and play those mini
games on Google+ in the future !

( Sorry for the blur images ya'll are about to see,
print screen don't usually work like a charm sometimes haha.)

This is how your friends Google+ wall will look like :
Thanks to the guy in the picture, I got invited into Google+.
So here's a shout out ! THANKS BEAR aka friend in the picture.

And this here is my wall. Still blank because I'm still figuring out how to use Google+ haha
This is how your wall will look like on Google+, just like on FB, ur wall will be filled with statuses from friends and family.

Now here comes a part of Google+ where no one is familiar to.
This here page is called the Circles Page.
The circles page lets you categorise people, putting them into "friends circles".

Google Plus makes it easier for you to separate your friends from you family,school groups,business Groups etc etc, giving you a handy
"drag and drop" style to categorise your friends.
Just drag a friend, then release it into a circle ! TADA ! DONE !

Unlike Facebook, you'll have to go through all the hassle to create another group
for a particular club, society, working group etc.

If you do not do so, everything will just blend into ur FB Wall, and in the end
work, school, family and friends just JUMBLE UP into ONE BIG MESS.

Plus, you know those convos that you and ur friends have which you dont ever
want your boss, or family to know about ? yeeea about that,
Theyll definitely see everything you and your frieds are talking about
if you dont create a GROUP because everything that isnt in a GROUP
goes public on FB.
Well, thats just a con that FB has so far and I do hope they do something about it!

Aaaaanyway, getting back to Google+,
In Google+, you can also create NEW CIRCLES, and invite new friends in too.
BUT REMEMBER ! Right now, Google+ is only obtainable through invite only!
Even though if you have already invited a friend, he/she still has to log into Google+ at least once in order to see her on ur friend list.

You can choose to search for your friends through your email,
or by typing their email in.
Once theyve accepted and creates a Google+ account, they're profile picture will
be visible instead of showing a lame profile picture with the silhoutte of a head.

The picture below shows the friend circle page where you can drag and drop ur friends into circles:

Heres a video about Google+ which I think might be handy ~

This is Darren signing off,
and eager to see what Google+ has install for us in the future !
Ciao ~ for the time being haha.

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