Saturday, March 26, 2011

PCGHS 2011 IU Day ~ I didnt get a lot of picutures this time =[

Its not like you get to be the MC at a high school event every once in a while,
but since I kinda got the chance to do it ....
( oh and I didnt MC alone, Gini was the MC too )

The Interact Club of PCGHS' IU Day is the the first event I've been to this year.
I was there from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon so I guess after going through with the rehearsals and all,I guess I got to know whats installed for the audience this year =D

Met up with people I knew, met new ones too..
why I love goin to those school based social events...
to meet new people ! haha

moving on to the pics now~
( I didnt get a lotta pictures so I'll go scout for more and compile them together here =] )
( so keep checking back for updates =p )

Rehearsal time ya'll :

Setting up the stage ~

Ah damnit, blur photo of the dance rehearsal :

Registration time :

xiang xiang ( the one on the left ) left out from the table... haha sad...

gahh another blur photo ,
these are the 'can do ginas', well at least thats what they named themselves,
sorry bout breaking your keyboard plug guys, didnt see where i was going =p

The hall almost fully packed,
about 70% were girls haha~
Group shot ! aww nice one !

40 degrees( thats what their called ),
is it me or is it getting hotter in here ...

4 PLUS ONE ! ( band )

Great singer, but I forgot her name T,T

The crowd during a refreshment period ~

Galus-galus (band name ) brehearsing ~

Tae Kwon Do by the OC's

Thats all the pics I have, but !
I do have a killer video ( of CM ) for you guys tomorrow and it'll be goin viral as soon as I post it up online ....
I hope haha, anyway,
I think im gonna end this blog entry here,
I'll go scout for more photos now, bye !

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