Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scrabble Competition 2011

Theres a geek in every one of us.
If you do chess. hey no offence : chess geek
If you do computer games,
no offence but hey you're a game geek.
So if you like GLEE (hit TV series)
sorry folks....
you're a GLEEK.
AND if you play scrabble like me,
hey I admit it,
Imma Scrabble geek.

I'll leave describing the entire experience for next time.
For now, lets just say I didnt get to compete for nationals this year.
( got invited last year, but I didnt go )
Every other team mate got to go except poor ol' me =[
sad . . .


I'll be back blogging by next weekend.
so bye 4 now.

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