Saturday, March 12, 2011

The World - The Disasters - The End ??

With 2 the earthquakes happening within these 2 months,
die hard end-of-the-world fans say that the world is ending ...
some people say : hey ... its just a coincidence that these natural disasters are
happening everywhere as we draw closer to 2012.

The first earthquake this year was the one that hit New Zealand,
giving New Zealand a 6.3 magnitude tremor,
followed by a series
of aftershocks which were registered at magnitude 5.0 or greater.
The earthquake left countless injured,homeless, and many buildings destroyed,
including Chirstchurch.

And just yesterday, on the 11th of March 2011,
a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the coast of Japan, causing tremors and 10 metre tall tsunamis.

The gigantic tsunamis that were hitting the city :
( its just like what you see in the movies .. only this time ITS REAL ! )

The earthquake caused an oil refinary center to go up in flames,
Massive floods,

which washed away not only people, but also vehicle and homes,
sweeping and destroying everything in its path.

and causing whirlpools the size of a football field to emerge along the coasts of Japan.
The quake is believed to have left thousands ( 1000 - ??? ) with their lives lost and
also countless still missing.
Many are still separated from their families as transportation in many places are still down while many are homeless.

The natural disasters which have been occuring recently has sparked fear within the hearts of many.
People are in fear of whether mother earth
has any more natural disastersin stall for them,
or even if these earthquakes will continue happening across parts of the earth.
I guess that WE'll just have to wait to find out.

So what if they say the worlds gonna end ....
I SAY that theres still time for change,
theres still time for us to prevent all THIS from happening,
theres STILL HOPE.

Even if the world is confirmed dead by 2012 ,
hey ... all I can say is :
sigh least we tried.

This is Darren saying I'm in support of helping the mother earth !
Also hoping the best for Japan and its people !
Hope you do too !

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  1. Wah, mother earth is producing very photogenic scenes ler!
    Not that it's a good thing.


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