Sunday, January 24, 2010

English Sucks !!


OK here goes

There was this one time.............

when i came across this thinking.......

Have you ever thought that english is a very

very terrible language?

(if u are bored now skip the whole thing or maybe dont read this cos

this MAY take a while).

the things that im gonna tell ya.

are weird and interesting still.

So if you like english you will definitely love this ;)

You ready?

ok here goes ......... officially.....

As i said before..... english is a very terrible language.
It never seems to make sense how some words mean one thing, and means aother when liked to another situation..

For example :

There is no egg in egg plant

no ham in hamburger

neither pine nor a stinkin apple in the pineapple.

English muffins were not invented in england

neither were the french fries invented in France.

people say dat we take english for granted.

is dat true i ask you????

But..... If we examine its paradoxes carefully.....

we find dat the quicksand takes us down





Oh yea.....
and boxing rings......their not even rings!!!!
Dont even get me started on dat.

A guinea pig really shows no !@#$%& resemblence to a PIG from GUINEA!!!

And if writers write can fingers "FING" ??!!

If the plural of tooth is teeth....
then dat must mean the plural of phone booth is phone BEETH ??

If a vegetarian eats only vegetables...
what in hells name does a HUMANITARIAN eat.....
c'mon..... HUMANS??!!

some more food for thought if u dont mind...

U recite at a play
but you dont play at a recital ?

U drive parkways but u park on driveways?? has the world gone insane?

U have to marvel the lunacy of english.
for example :

A house can burn up as it burns down ( LOL )

in which you can fill in a form by just filling it out.

english was invented by humans to give language a better meaning. It is created by the HUMAN RACE( which isnt a race at all)and not computers. And this reflects our superiority and creativity but after this long talk.....I DONT THINK SOOOO ANYMORE !!!

Lastly ,

You'll have to answer my question before you leave... k?

why is someone who race cars not called a racist?

why are wise guys and wise men opposites? both, have the same gender and have the equal meaning literally.

why isnt 11 pronounced onety one?

If horrific means horrible , why doesnt terrific mean TERRIBLE??

why do you believe someone when they tell you dat there are a billion stars up there n the sky,
but when someone tells you dat there is wet paint on the wall, u wont believe them and hv to touch it to believe?

If ppl from Poland are from poles......Are ppl from Holand CALLED HOLES......haha holes! lolololol

Some of u may just answer the questions like this :
Its just like dat i guess.

well .......after this, im sure this will give u doubts dat english is a "great" language....

good luck cracking ur head...


edited a little by urs truly.....

but it actually comes from another kinda sauce ( corny pun intended so deal with it !)

END !!

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