Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looks like its back 2 normal ^^

NEWS FLASH !! Seems like the school's atmosphere is turning around !! From dull to .., um... how do i put this .... less "dull-er" than before.

The Teachers are now continuing their teachings in class in a less boring mood and students are recovering from their loss of their friend in a slow but progressive pace !!

Not much more has been heard bout the tragedy, I'm sure that the authorities are still working on the case. Well, that's all for today, nothing much ....

So, keep an eye out for more news ( if there are any, XD) , here at this blog. Also I'll be posting more random stuff here so gimme a few ideas or comments if you have the time, cos as time passes i think I'll be outta random and interesting stuff to post about XP

Again .... lookin forward to your comments or ideas : ) Till nxt time ! ^.^

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