Sunday, January 31, 2010

Form 4 = hell

" oh form 4? Piece of cake !" and "form 4 is a honeymoon year soo chillax" Who the F*** ever told you soo? Form 4 is like hell, only cooler and breezier but dats not the point....

The various things you have to be wary of when ur in form 4, its a pain in the a** i tell ya....
First up BIOLOGY, not so bad but still cracks ur head a bit, CHEMISTRY, i seriously dont get what the teacher is talking about, all i hear from the third row from the teachers table is this : "kjnfksjdfyuajkabkjlbsdfulasduiqwerwijwoeiruwurwrbwnrjn !! Are you ppl listening ?" and PHYSICS, nah not a problem....

Now moving on to ADD MATH and MATH, if im not mistaken, i heard this before : " ADD MATH FREAKIN HARDER THAN MATH " Based on my opinion....i dont think sooo. Yea sure ADD MATH has a lotta formulas and stuff but once ya get the hang of it, i aint so bad : ) MATH on the other hand......Ugh, its just mind boggling, who would hv ever thought that it would be that bad....everything keeps changing, oh you take this and that and substitute it here and this becomes that, you divide this with that and VIOLA ! you have the answer =.= well that's just my opinion so if you dont agree with me its ok : )

Ah....a lastly its MORAL, just to think that we hv been memorising the freakin NILAI and DEFINISI for almost 3 years now we'll be ACING the EXAMS with hands tied behind our backs, well that is true but why give us exams on that when we hv everything in our heads already?? Its not that I hate moral or anything but shouldnt we focus on some better and more important subjects CHINESE or ENGLISH or something ?? Life maybe ??

This is a reminder to all Form 4's, hoping they would not take form 4 life too easy cos you wouldnt know what might happen if ur too care-free all the time, things might get ugly, and by things i mean mean exams and by ugly i mean Horribly bad ( grades )

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